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The courier service comprises local, state, national and international consignments with a maximum weightage of up-to 3 Kg. The customer can courier their consignments through our POC (Point of Contact) centres at all areas of Kerala. The customer too have the privilege to book the courier online or through telephone and our representative will pick-up your consignments from your door-steps, and all deliveries will be done at your door-steps too.


The cargo service comprises local, state, national and international consignments. The customer can book for their shipments online or through telephone. The customer have our POCs at the nearby location for your shipment feedbacks.


The e-shops are our unique system of e-commerce service interacting all local shops in localities to the SHIPJET Cloud platform; for which the shoppers can add and update their products, prices and availability at real-time. The customers can order their products from mobiles, gadgets or web, and we will pick and deliver the items to the customer. The customers have the option to pay by cash or digital online.


The traders can display and trade their commodities online with our e-commerce platform, which the local trader can expand their trades all over India. Our e-commerce platform will provide multiple options to built-up time trade contracts, which help the shoppers and markets for direct selling and through e-shopping.


E-courier is intended to serve individuals, enterprises, corporate and government bodies to outsource and deliver their proposals, invoices, bills, and letters to their customers or individuals. Together with our IT and Back Office services, we enrich the Indian and international corporates to accomplish their operations, and full-fill their businesses.


The shippers or travelers can utilize our e-transports for competitive rates for their safe transport and travels at all areas in Kerala, and inter-state in India. The customers have the option to pay by cash or digital online.